Post 13.3 – Need I say more?

Post 13.3 - Need I say more?

Woke up felt pretty good, until I took my first steps of the day. Stairs and using the wash room is hardest part of my day ūüôā


13.3 – Knees, fingers, hands and toes


Oh where do I begin with 13.3, this was a real mental frigger… yes frigger. How does one prepare to have their calves / hamstrings / thighs and butt torn to¬†pieces¬†by 150 20lbs wall balls, then jump into double unders. I watched the Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett ¬†videos, and the always famous Carl Paoli video’s on how to prepare for this punishment. I really worked on opening up my hips and a wider stance for the squat, to try and transfer some of the hurt from the rounding of the shoulders to the wider stance that allowed my upper body to stay more upright. Seemed to work mostly, had to make an effort to widen out my feet so I wouldn’t wear my thighs and hamstrings out so fast.

I didn’t mention that I went into this workout with my knee injury still lingering around, a couple weeks ago I dislocated my meniscus, which since I have had popped back into place via my Osteopath Rob. Now I am dealing with the swelling around the knee, and now my right knee is a little sore from¬†favouring¬†the left, but we’ll get by it. I tried some RockTape and that did seem to help a bit to take some¬†pressure¬†off my knee, but when the sweat hit and I was wearing pants¬†because¬†we had to do this workout outside, it was catching¬†the¬†tape and by the¬†end¬†of the workout was kinda¬†coming¬†off.

3.2.1 Go, the clock starts, I¬†pick-up¬†the 20lbs wall ball, which feels a little heavier for some reason and start to fire it up 10 feet to the target. I didn’t really have a problem getting the ball to the target as I¬†usually¬†train with the 25lbs Dyno ball which I really like as it’s bigger. Blaine and I had to go side by side doing the wall balls so I was trying to push my self to keep up with his pace. I ended up stopping first, and had to come up with a game plan in my head as I kept going. I managed to bang out 20 reps to start, but quickly felt that it had to change to 10, and as I watched Kristen Clever do her wall balls, she held the ball with her torso, so she didn’t have to make the extra move to¬†pick-up¬†the ball, I used this technique it seemed to work ok for me until later in the 150 when I just needed to drop the ball.

At around the 70 rep mark I could feel my knee really getting angry, I contemplated stopping, but I knew even if I had to do one at a time I would keep going, I did slam the ball down and had a few choice words, which I think helped clear my head. I managed to string together reps of 5 and the last 10 wall balls I did with the great support of everyone there.

The feeling of being done the walls balls I must say was a great feeling, such a high number and 10:09 seconds later I was done. Now I had to move to the 90 double unders. I am not that great a double unders, but I can do skip, skip, skip, double under, which I ended up doing until the 12 minuet time frame, I did have to stop once or twice to control my breathing and to remind my shoulders they would be ok. At the end of the 12 minuets I managed to get 17 double unders, for a total of 167 reps. I was actually pretty happy with my performance.

The whole day was a lot of fun, our trainer started the day off and smashed through wall balls and double unders, and moved outside to the rings for the muscle ups, where she managed to get a muscle up, she was very pumped and we were all going nuts cheering! Next up was Mark, and again he banged through his wall balls with an impressive 60 unbroken wall balls, and moved to double unders where the wind gave him some problems, and he also moved onto muscle up’s but wasn’t able to get any, but made great¬†attempts¬† Can just imagine how¬†exhausted¬†shoulders, and hips are to try a muscle up. Great job by everyone, and thanks so much to Jenna for counting for me, where it was a cold cold day, and to Erinn being a huge support and my #1 fan, and Tannaya for pushing me through the last 50 wall balls.


Did I mention it was only a few degree’s outside hence the parka! Was a nice view for the workout though!


13.2 in the books!

Thankfully this monster is over with! A 10 min sprint,


Finding a pace was key for this workout. I did some research on how to prepare for this as it would be taxing on the lower back and legs, and not to mention mental toughness as well. I really like Carl Paloi’s prep video. So back to pace, for this went with the mentality not to stop, I decided to do step ups to the 24 inch box as I am still recovering from a dislocated meniscus, so the step ups actually worked quite well, I didn’t stop with them, kept pushing through, would take a breath every once in a while for an extra second whole standing tall at the top, for the shoulder to over head I went with both push press and push jerks, and transitioned right into deadlifts which went quick and felt fluid.

At one point I looked at the clock and there was still 4.5 minuets left, I kinda panicked but found my second breath, pace was the key, and 10 minuets later it was done.

I managed to get 228 reps in, that was 7 complete rounds plus 18 reps. This was a great one to finish, had some jitters before hand like always do before a competition, but then it’s 3.2.1 go, and then its game on! Great work to Jenna, Sandra, and Erwin who came out and participated and Erinn for coming to support us, and Jenna R for coming back after blasting through 13.2 the night before.



Here is a quick YouTube video of me doing push press and deadlifts.

13.2 going down tonight!


Looking for forward to the 10 min sprint AMRAP known as 13.2. Hopefully this will be a cheering filled WOD it was last week! Good luck to everyone, defiantly looking to do a little pre work for the movements thanks to Carl Paloi. Make sure to mobilize your lower back / shoulders / and legs for the box jumps! Good luck everyone!!

Dislocated meniscus…

So as the title says I have / had a dislocated meniscus. Not really sure what that means, but the important part is its back in place now. Finally managed to get into my Osteopath Rob this evening. I explained my issue, explained my pain, he started moving, pushing, adjusting. He went for about 10 mins of not saying anything very focused at what he was doing. He finally said that I had a dislocated meniscus, I have to say when I heard the word dislocated I almost started to cry, then he told me that he popped it back into place. Popped it back into place?? As he was contorting my leg back and forth he felt a pop, that pop was the meniscus popping back into place, the right place. Sad to think this all happened from whacking my knee on a desk at work. So now I ice my knee, and wait for the swelling to go down and hope that was the only major issue with my knee.

So today is another challenge day which went great, more great choices maybe a couple squares to many of dark chocolate, but for me it’s hard to overdose on it as it’s very strong. Really running the no excuses heavily in my head in every choice that I make.

This morning was a 6am Crossfit class which ended up being a great workout:

2 rounds
200m run
3 TGU per arm (went with 25 because of knee)
3 light green band pull ups

3 x Snatch (95lbs)

20 power cleans (135lbs)
10 calorie row
20 back extensions
10 hand release burpees
20 kb swings (75lbs)

This was a great workout, we managed to get everything done in 45 mins which allowed for time to get home and ready for work.

It’s the night before the night, 9pm AST tomorrow we’ll be watching Lindsay Valenzuela take on Annie Thorisdottir in the 13.2 Crossfit Games Open WOD. Very excited about this, like christmas on wednesday nights. Really hoping the WOD isn’t squats as I am looking for swelling to go down, or double unders because I suck at them, but I’ll get them.

I emailed a couple of Crossfit gyms in St. Petersburg to inquire about working out with them while we are on vacation over Easter. One thing I did find out about the gyms is they are fantastic in person but some are not that great with answering email or social media.

Good luck to whoever starts 13.2 right after the release as we all look forward to the announcement, brings up a good question, would you rather get it over with right away or plan it out in your head?

Enjoying this week at work, as it’s March break which means jean week, along with a lot of people out of the office. Lots of productive work being done, along with a nice little project at the end of the day!



13.1 in the books

Can finally put the jitters to rest! Went to Crossfit this morning looking to just stretch and a little mobility which I did then ended up counting and cheering on my wife and the other 6am class peeps! My wife rocked it out, she modified the wait only a little so she could finish the WOD with quality reps. She finished the second round of snatches and had 17 burpees into the 3rd round, she rocked it out!

I planned on doing my workout on Sunday but was quickly talked into doing it tonight! I am so glad I did, since mostly everyone else did it tonight! Was a blast cheering everyone one and pushing people past their comfort levels!

Took some thinking on getting the 6 inch target setup, but finally after some tweaking managed to get it set, and one of the smartest little tricks I learned tonight was a nose line for the burpees so I had a target going down and would be right under my mark coming up. Burpees were hmmm, tough, very tough, Mark was counting and coaching me through which was great wouldn’t have pushed myself that far on my own especially on the burpees as I had to really work on pacing myself through them. Moved onto the first set of snatches which actually felt very good and smooth in my head then it was onto the next set of burpees which were even harder but was 10 less then the round before. Managed to pace through and then onto the real kicker, 135lbs snatch. This is something I have been struggling with for a while, last week my max snatch was 125 in a WOD, today I managed to get 18 at 135lbs, was very happy with this, dropped after each rep, took a short break and setup for another rep, no lost reps, some bad technique as some were push press snatches, but when gassed its tough to drop under and snap the elbows to the ceiling. Defiantly something that needs more work.

Overall it was a great night and a great workout, scored 118 reps, was awesome to see my wife rock it out and 6 of the games competitors tonight!

Today’s food was again good, I didn’t have a lot to choose from for breakfast but managed to put some meat, berries, and veggies together, apple for a snack with some cucumber and hummus. Lunch was the real ticker as I would usually try and grab a healthy sub if there is such a creature but I made the decision to hit up the superstore and go for a good healthy filling lunch, veggie tray, shaved meat, berries, and a salad, felt great energy levels were again level for the day and the natural adrenaline was pumping for the WOD tonight!

Tomorrow is a day off from Crossfit while I play hockey tomorrow night! Good luck to everyone doing 13.1.